Northside Coffee IS Huntsville Coffee

Northside Coffee is crafting a unique experience in downtown Huntsville. We have partnered with multiple local small businesses to create an environment unlike any other. At this time due to an agreement with our partners, we are unable to discuss our full vision publicly. Updates are coming very soon! If you would like to stay up to date on our progress follow our Facebook page, Instagram, or join our mailing list.

What is Northside Coffee

Northside Coffee is derived from passion and built by ambition.  We are constructed upon a foundation of hobbyist roasting in combination with various small business experience and expertise. Northside Coffee aspires to provide only high-quality coffee, great service, and fresh delivery on every order.

Although we are unable to release specific details at this time, Northside Coffee is excited to announce the grand opening of our first location, downtown, in the Spring of 2020. We are proud to be partnering with fellow small businesses to create a local coffee shop experience unique to downtown Huntsville, Alabama. We are very eager to begin roasting coffee for the wonderful Huntsville community. We will be releasing more details soon about what you can expect from us Downtown. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date!

At Northside Coffee, coffee bean sourcing and selection is an ongoing task. In order to achieve and maintain a high standard of quality, we constantly build relationships with importers around the country. This enables us to sample coffee from all over the world and curate a selection of coffee beans suitable for any pallet. When creating roast profiles, numerous trial roasts are completed on all coffee bean origins. This “profiling” helps us create the most desirable roast for each specific coffee bean origin and ensures an optimal balance of flavor and aroma from every origin.

Our Story

We began roasting at home in 2015. As we are avid coffee drinkers, this was the greatest revelation in our coffee drinking experience. We quickly learned how to control the many variables involved in the process and learned how they would alter the flavors and characteristics of the roasted coffee bean. Sometimes favorably; other times not. This fascination grew over a few years before we began to consider growing our hobby into a full-time career. In 2017 we began the preparation of our business by collecting data on the market trends, We observed the Huntsville coffee scene has flourished. An amazing culture has evolved. Many new coffee shops have recently opened their doors in Huntsville, Alabama. We are more than excited to join the ranks and serve the community alongside all of these wonderful businesses.

Keenan and Andrew, the founders of Northside Coffee, are Huntsville natives and have grown up with the community and culture of our city. Both have experience with small businesses in Huntsville, Alabama and understand that Huntsville is a closely connected community deeply rooted in innovation and technological development. As a local small business, we realize that Huntsville’s rapidly growing population is diverse and deserving of a community dedicated to not only those who serve but also everyone who endeavors to make this country and our city great. We are also firm believers that local businesses not only provide a great service economically but also curate the culture and contribute to the uniqueness of Huntsville, Alabama. Northside Coffee depends on local support in order to grow. As always, we appreciate any and all the support that is given to us as an upcoming small business in Huntsville, Alabama!

Special Shout out!

We would love to thank our friends at The Hippea Camper for partnering with us and sharing our product with their wonderful customers. If you would like to try our coffee along with their delicious food, visit the Hippea Camper page for updates on their schedule. A lot of exciting news is coming very soon and we would love for you to follow along on our journey. Learn more here.

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