Northside Coffee Cafe is almost ready! – November 2020 update

Everything is starting to come together at the Northside Coffee Cafe!

The clock is ticking as we begin the countdown to opening our cafe downtown. Construction is almost complete and we are expecting our first walk through this week. Soon we can begin setting the tables, roasting our coffee, and filling your cups with fresh coffee at the Northside Coffee Cafe. We appreciate all the support and interest we have received during our long 2-year construction phase.

As our way of saying thank you for patiently waiting on us to complete our construction, we have a special offer available right now.

We have opened up our website to sign-ups and online orders will be available soon. If you sign up right now you will receive 20% OFF on your first order!* All you need is an email. 

Signing up will also give you updates to our blog here and any special promotions for our community only. So don’t miss your chance to grab this awesome discount. 

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Have you heard about BeeZr?

We also want to take this moment to inform you about our participation in BeeZr, Huntsville’s latest gastropub. 

BeeZr is a collaborative effort from some of Huntsville’s newest local businesses. The main room of BeeZr includes the Northside Coffee Cafe, The Chandler’s Ford Brewing nanoscale brewhouse, and seating for the delicious foods of the Champagne Taco Kitchen and Hippea Camper, Huntsville’s best vegan option!

Did you know Hippea Camper is going to be making their amazing milk alternatives for some awesome coffee collabs?! Yeah, we’re super excited about that too!

Chandler’s Ford makes some awesome beers, especially their coffee beers, because what’s not better with coffee?


About the Northside Coffee Cafe

Most of our cafe is set up and ready to serve you and we are putting together the final pieces on our menu. If you have any suggestions or requests message us on Facebook or Instagram. We would love to be able to provide all the delicious coffee beverages you love.

The feature of our cafe is our 2-group Nouva Simonelli espresso machine. You might recognize it from some of our pictures, yeah we are having so much fun with that beautiful Italian masterpiece. But don’t let that distract you from the delicious flavors our skilled baristas can extract with a pour-over. If you love slow pour coffee we have some amazing origins that you will have to try! Make sure to check out the shop page often to view our rotating supply of origins based on the freshest harvest and availability. Some of these coffees might not last long, so get some while you can!


Huntsville’s newest local coffee roaster

Our coffee roasting service is developed to ensure we provide the freshest coffee possible. With our roast to order model, your coffee is roasted after you make your order. The fresh coffee is then sealed in our nitrogen purged packaging to limit the exposure to oxygen which degrades the quality of the coffee. Our bags are also equipped with resealable zippers to keep the air out, and one-way valves that allow the coffee to expel carbon dioxide which naturally releases from the bean after it is roasted.Coffee roaster from Northside Coffee, Local Coffee, Fresh Coffee, Huntsville Coffee

We will post more about this soon where we will go more in-depth so make sure you subscribe to this blog!

Don’t forget that 20% OFF you will also get if you subscribe right now.*

Our 5lb roaster might be small but it is pretty, and boy does it do a great job roasting wonderful coffee. We have everything in place to start getting those orders out to you as soon as possible. As soon as we find out more about our walk-through results we will be posting updates on our social media Instagram and Facebook. If you give us a follow there, say Hello, and mention this post we will send you an additional 10% off coupon to be used on your second purchase.**

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