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This coffee presents a sweet fruit flavor with a subtle tartness that is very forward in the cup, followed by a very balanced cup with chocolate notes and a low acidity which is very welcoming to coffee drinkers who enjoy a medium-bodied coffee with a little bit of fruit.

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This naturally processed high grown coffee comes from the Republic of Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountain Range. With snow-covered peaks year-round, it creates large numbers of streams. These mountain streams promote a rich climate for coffee production and are fabled to be the source of the Nile River by Greek scholar Ptolemy.  Here, the farmers cultivate the coffee farms at 2100 m.a.s.l., a vast departure from the range’s peak at 5109 meters. The Rwenzori region produces 95% of its coffee using the natural process. The natural process allows the beans with the fruit intact to mature during drying. This allows a little more of the sugars from the fruit to influence the final cup.

The coffee we selected from this region was handpicked by farmers of a small cooperative, The Bukonzo Farmers Group. Most farms in this cooperative are small, with no more than 2 hectares apiece. The Bukonzo Farmers Group is organic and fair trade certified.

Choose your Roast!

At a lighter roast, this coffee shines when prepared by the pour-over method, a shorter bloom time creates more fruit flavors resembling grapes or cherries in the final cup.

Our dark roast of this coffee gives us a very balanced and sweet drink, complemented nicely by milk to make a delicious latte or cappuccino.

Pick your Uganda Rwenzori grind

If you have a coffee grinder at home we suggest you choose the whole bean option. To read more about whole bean or pre-ground coffee click here.

Our Northside Coffee pour over grind is best for anyone who enjoys manual brew methods. We choose a more fine grind to ensure the best extraction using any pour-over method.

If you have an automated drip machine, choose the drip grind option. We set this grind to produce a high-quality cup of coffee on all automatic coffee brewers.

The cold-brew grind option is our most coarse grind. Since the cold brew extraction method takes a longer time, the large grind allows for more surface area and balanced extraction.

Our Northside Coffee espresso grind is dialed in for our machine at our cafe downtown. It might not be as compatible with every espresso machine so we recommend for most espresso drinkers to grind it themselves. We know that may not be an option for everyone so we will provide a fine grind for your convenience.

We hope you enjoy your coffee and appreciate your feedback.


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