Bourbon Barrel Aged Colombia Nariño – 8oz


Aged in bourbon barrels from Irons One distillery in Lowe Mill, this coffee is smooth and balanced. The barrel imparts a warm vanilla flavor, exceptional malty aroma, and savory spice notes that will warm your whole body.

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The highest-grown Colombian coffee is cultivated in Nariño, a small region bordering Ecuador and the Pacific Ocean. Coffee from these slopes is well-balanced, with high acidity, medium body and a lingering citric sweetness.

Farms in Nariño are the smallest in Colombia, on average less than one hectare each. Because farmers have such small pieces of land, growers are highly dependent on income from coffee cultivation and are intensely dedicated to improving quality and yields. The production of specialty coffee in Nariño is an artisanal process led by the coffee grower, his or her family, and other members of the community with whom they share the work.

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Whole bean, Pour-over, Drip, Cold brew, Espresso


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