How We Achieve Fresh Coffee Every time

How Northside Coffee packaging and handling practices preserve flavor


The number one enemy of freshly roasted coffee beans is oxidation, or the introduction of oxygen to the beans. Protecting coffee from environmental influences is extremely important. We take special consideration to minimize the oxidation of compounds responsible for the flavors and aromas found in roasted coffee beans. Oxidation prevention and environmental protection are key to preserving freshness. Northside Coffee has taken all of the possible steps to deliver the best fresh-roasted coffee experience to our valued Northside Coffee customers.

Green and roasted coffee beans tend to take on aromas present in their immediate environment. The most common environmental factors for consistently fresh coffee are the storage and handling of green and roasted coffee beans.  We ship our coffee from its farm of origin in air-tight packaging. Packaging the green beans in air-tight vessels is the first step in ensuring fresh coffee beans will properly represent their intended flavor/aroma profile.

Fresh Coffee, whole bean coffee

Northside Coffee stores your order in an airtight containers that keep oxygen from contacting the coffee beans. We condition after roasting to fully develop the characteristics of our freshly roasted beans. Conditioning releases CO2 gas from the coffee beans.  Northside Coffee bags are heat-sealed and equipped with a one-way valve. One-way valves let CO2 gas escape and prevent oxygen from flowing in. Trapped CO2 also creates a protective barrier inside the bag. We purge our products with nitrogen gas to further prevent oxidation by removing any oxygen present in the bag.

Keep coffee airtight

It is important to limit the exposure of oxygen to your coffee every day. All products are equipped with a resealable zipper. Re-zipping the coffee bag returns the bag to the airtight state. As additional CO2 is released, the natural barrier is restored and continues to protect beans from additional exposure to oxygen. This allows you to enjoy your fresh coffee over a longer period of time.

Fresh Coffee hates light

More than just an aesthetic complement to any kitchen counter, our bags are black to prevent penetration of UV light which accelerates coffee degradation. UV light, emitted from either the sun or in smaller amounts from light bulbs, can drastically alter the flavor and aroma of roasted coffee.

We don’t expect all of our customers to research coffee storage. To prevent uncertainty we’ve done the research and developed methods of storage that effectively preserve freshness in every cup. All Northside Coffee customers can enjoy their fresh roasted coffee at home and receive the same quality available from our Cafe.

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